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Valentine's Day Flowers

February fourteenth is one of the most popular days to send and receive flower arrangements in Montreal and in other cities throughout the world. The day of love, Valentine's Day, means the delivery of millions of bouquets of red roses and other symbolic flowers. Don't let the day slip by without being prepared. Giving Valentines flowers is especially significant for couples, however, you can consider sending other people you love a fresh flower arrangement to celebrate this special day as well.

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Discover the meaning behind the colors of the most popular flowers, particularly roses, before placing your order, so you don't risk embarrassment as a result of sending the wrong message.

Valentine's Day FlowersPopular Choices for Valentine's Day Arrangements

  • Roses - The most popular Valentine's flowers in the world are roses. Red is the most commonly requested color of roses on this holiday because of the connotation of romance and passion.
  • Carnations - A Valentine's flower arrangement made of carnations is more budget- friendly compared to a bouquet of roses. Also, carnations are known to mean love for another, making these an ideal option for a Valentine's Day arrangement.
  • Mixed Flowers - A mixed bouquet of flowers such as seasonal wild flowers or a blend of different varieties of irises is symbolic of the unhinged passion and romance of couples. Send your loved one a bouquet of mixed flowers in place of the traditional rose or carnation bouquet for a modern twist.

Significance of Different Flowers and Meanings of Colors

  • Roses
    • Red roses are symbolic of love and romance.
    • Pink roses indicate admiration.
    • Yellow roses mean friendship and joy.
    • White roses are reserved for new beginnings as well as remembrance and honor.
    • Orange roses symbolize fervent romance and passion.
    • Lavender roses mean love at first sight.
  • Valentine's Day FlowersCarnations
    Carnations are symbolic of fascination and love for another. These flowers are also available in a plethora of colors to fit your Valentine's flower needs.
  • Gerbera Daisies
    Gerbera daisies are symbolic of innocence and beauty. Send these flowers, which are grown in a rainbow of different hues, to the youth in your life such as your daughters or nieces, for instance.
  • Irises
    Irises are symbols of faith, wisdom, and hope. You can find wide varieties of irises that vary with color, shape and design, such as Siberian, Purple, or the Japanese iris.
  • Orchids
    Orchids are considered symbolic of delicate and rare beauty. This exotic flower is often arranged in one to three blooms that are living rather than cut.

Ask the Florist:

Why Choose Your Arrangement Online and Use Delivery?
Convenience of online shopping is the main reason why you should pick your arrangement online and have it delivered to your valentine. Shopping online takes all the guesswork out of what flower arrangements are available and in what colors. In addition, when using this method, you are able to look over your options at your own pace.

Should Orders be made in Advance?
When preparing for a Valentine's Day flower arrangement order, consider that this is one of the busiest holidays of year for sending flowers to loved ones. Therefore, it is best to place your order at least one or two days in advance, if not earlier. You can place your order one week in advance, which will allow your florist adequate time to prepare your floral arrangement and to deliver it on Valentine’s day. Waiting until the last minute puts you at risk of not getting the Valentine's flowers you prefer, such as the all-time favored rose, and may leave you without an arrangement at all.

When you contact your florist, take this time to ask any pertinent questions regarding the arrangement and delivery, as the closer to Valentine's Day it gets, the busier your florist will become.



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