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Funerals are a time of sorrow and remembrance when it may seem difficult to find appropriate ways to show your sympathy. However, Montreal funeral flowers provide a traditional avenue for showing respect to the bereaved with the gift of a thoughtful arrangement. Since ancient times, flowers have served both a functional as well as decorative role in funerals; the aroma of flowers masked the smells of death, while herbs were used for their preservative properties. In present day, decorating the venue space of a funeral with fresh flowers helps to soften the harshness and fill the void left by the death with a symbol of new life. Funeral flowers, which are also known as sympathy flowers, express condolences for a death in a compassionate way as a living memorial of the departed.

How Flowers are used for Funerals
Funeral arrangements are involved in almost every aspect of a funeral service. A casket spray arrangement covers the coffin with a spread of flowers. Around the casket, funeral flower arrangements, including standing sprays, wreaths and bouquets, are positioned as aromatics and for decorating the space. Other sympathy flowers include individual flowers, which are normally roses, that are distributed to the immediate family at the grave site to place on the casket.

Choosing Funeral Flowers
The first thing to consider about choosing funeral flowers is where you are going to have them delivered. If you are sending flowers to a funeral service, include a card with your name and address. After the funeral, thank you cards are typically sent to everyone who sent flowers, so including a card with your arrangement will help make the process of sending “thank-you” notes a great deal easier. In the event that you find out about a recent death after a funeral, send an arrangement to the member of the deceased’s family with whom you are most intimately acquainted.

The most common types of funeral flower arrangements include bouquets, sprays, wreaths, and living plants. Arrangements of living plants containing root systems that can be transplanted following the service and are therefore ideal for memorializing someone that has passed on. If you are sending flowers to an office or home, consider a smaller bouquet or live plant arrangement, as these are best suited for smaller spaces.

Buying Sympathy Flowers On Any Budget
While sympathy flower arrangement costs vary depending on the type of flower, time of year, and florist, there are some ways you can budget for these costs. Typically, the larger the arrangement, the more it will cost. Casket sprays, standing sprays, and wreaths are the largest in size. If you wish to purchase one of these larger arrangements but are on a budget, split the costs with other people and send the arrangement as a group. More cost-efficient funeral flowers are smaller bouquets or live arrangements. These can be as small as a single flower surrounded by greenery.

Popular Funeral Flower ArrangementsFuneral Flower Arrangements

  • Lilies—White lilies, symbolic of peace and purity, are one of the most popular funeral flowers. These bulb flowers are also easy to propagate and are usually sent to a funeral as a live arrangement to be repotted as a living memorial to the deceased.
  • Carnations—Another popular sympathy flower is the carnation, which has an especially symbolic meaning. White carnations express innocence, while pink carnations mean that you will never forget the person. Red carnations are also given as funeral flowers to symbolize a deep love for the departed.
  • Roses—Easily the most popular flower used for arrangements in North America, roses are available year round and in a kaleidoscope of colors. These flowers are ideal for larger sprays at funeral services, as well as for bouquets delivered to homes or offices.

Unique Funeral Flower Arrangements

  • Shaped Wreaths—Wreath forms can be shaped into other designs including Christian crosses, hearts or even animals such as a lamb, an ideal representation for an arrangement for a young person who is deceased.
  • Flags—Arrangements that are rectangular and decorated with flowers in a mosaic of a flag are ideal for military funerals or war veterans.

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