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When selecting a floral arrangement from a Montreal delivery service, you need to know what is on the market. Here is a list of the three basic types of floral arrangements:

Floral bouquets are most requested for weddings. However, bouquets can be added to a decorative vase for an elegant arrangement any time of year, such as for mother’s day, birthdays or anniversaries. While roses are the most common flower used in a bouquet, other flowers chosen for their longevity and sturdy stem include daisies, carnations and tulips.

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Bring your tabletop to life with a floral centerpiece. A centerpiece is an arrangement that is meant to be the center of attention. This arrangement typically includes an assortment of flowers and greenery at eye-catching heights. These floral spreads are popular choices for decorating reception tables at weddings. Add a floral centerpiece to your dinner table for Thanksgiving or Easter dinner for a truly glamorous tablescape.

WreathsWreaths are most commonly given to recipients during the holidays, when homes display a festive Christmas wreath as a way to welcome guests. Funerals are another time when wreaths are most appropriate for an arrangement. The circular design of wreaths signifies the circle of life, and is symbolic of celebration or honor.

What makes a floral arrangement great? How do you select the perfect type of arrangement? The beauty of floral arrangements varies in the eye of the beholder. However, there are some key features of a great floral arrangement that you should note before making your selection. Here are the two main styles of floral arrangements that you should look for when making your selection:

Mass Arrangement
Mass arrangements of flowers are full and voluminous. They feature a round, oval or triangular shape. If you are looking at this type of arrangement, the flowers should be arranged symmetrically. A mass arrangement is best suited for a bold statement or for someone with more romantic ideals.

Line Arrangements
A line arrangement is more of a minimalist design. Rather than a full bouquet, line arrangements focus on a few flower blossoms that are chosen for their artistic impression. Typical flowers to look for in line arrangements are orchids, bird of paradise or other exotic blooms. The flowers are arranged artistically on a bare tree trunk or bed of moss to highlight the flowers. Choose this type of arrangement for someone with a modern personality who prefers simplistic styles.

Here are some of the most popular types of floral arrangements:

Floral bouquet for weddingsWeddings
Valentine's Day FlowersWeddings are a common place for floral arrangements. Typically, a wedding will include bridal party bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages and centerpieces used for decorating the venue. Most commonly, roses, tulips or hydrangeas are used for wedding party flowers. Also the most popular colors include white, blue, purple and yellow.

Valentine’s Day
For Valentine’s Day, a bouquet of roses is the most commonly sought after floral arrangement. While red roses are symbolic of love, other popular colors of roses on Valentine’s include white, pink and even black. Other frequently requested flowers for Valentine’s Day are carnations in white or pink for someone who is sending a bouquet to a friend.

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When sending floral arrangements for a funeral, there are a few things to consider. First of all, flowers are traditionally used in funerals because of the fresh floral scent that masks the odors of the embalming fluids. Also the design and types of flowers have special symbolism that cannot be ignored. For a funeral arrangement, a wreath is the ideal choice. You can also opt for a centerpiece, but this arrangement is typically limited to one or two as they are placed on the casket. Types of flowers that are typically used for a funeral piece include lilies, which are symbolic of peace and spiritual cleanliness, as well as roses. Roses are useful for adding a fragrant scent to the space, as well as to send a message of love and respect for the dearly departed. For a funeral, choose white or pink roses, rather than romantic red.

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