Montreal Flower Delivery


Montreal Flower Delivery Service

If you are wondering why you should choose a Montreal flower delivery service, there are several reasons including logistics and personal service. Here are the facts regarding the advantages of having flowers delivered.


Quality of Service
Choosing the right florist is important. You will want each bloom of your hand-delivered arrangement to be inspected so that whomever is receiving your gift of flowers will be more than satisfied with the well-crafted arrangement.

When you trust a professional to deliver your flower arrangements, you have the peace of mind that your gift recipient will receive nothing but the best floral piece from a professional delivery person.

Montreal floristsSee more on Montreal florists.

The convenience of using a Montreal flower delivery service is one of the main reasons customers choose this service.

Saves Time
Most people have a busy schedule between work and home. Using a delivery service to send flowers to someone saves could save you valuable time.

Emergency Flower Service
Often you have situations that require gifted flowers, such as funeral flowers after a death or while someone is in the hospital. During these emergencies, fitting a flower delivery into your already packed schedule is not always an option. Send your flowers via a delivery service to make sure they arrive on time to provide a thoughtful and considerate gift. 

Easy Purchasing
When you order your floral arrangement through an online ordering service, you don't have to fight traffic just to arrive moments after the store closes. You won’t have to wait on hold on the telephone as you try to get through to a representative to place your order. Online flower delivery companies are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and even on holidays.

Instead of standing in a busy store, you can sit quietly as you sort through the options of the Montreal delivery service. This helps you to make the best choice, as you don't feel rushed or overwhelmed with the selections available. Take your time when shopping online--you can even shop in your pajamas if you want!


Transportation costs are constantly rising. By opting to have a Montreal flower delivery for your arrangements, you save money on gas and wear and tear on your vehicle.

Public transportation
Having flowers delivered prevents the hassle and headache of attempting to deliver the arrangement yourself. Imagine trying to find a seat on a subway train while holding a beautifully, handcrafted floral bouquet for your loved one.

As people move farther and farther away from one another, flower delivery service is a godsend. For example, you can send your mother a bouquet for her birthday with a delivery service even if she lives halfway across the country.

Sometimes you prefer anonymity with your gifts. For example, if you are a Secret Santa participant, a flower delivery service is the ideal way to surprise your gift recipient without being identified.

Send your love interest a bouquet of flowers via a delivery service on a special holiday, such as Valentine's Day or your anniversary. Your loved one will appreciate the confidentiality of receiving the flowers through a third party.

On those occasions when you have had an argument with your mate, a flower delivery service provides you with a thoughtful gift that will help to heal the pain without having to face the other person.


Tips on choosing the best floral arrangement for the occasion

Every occasion calls for an ideal floral arrangement. Learn which arrangement is best suited for what occasion so you can make the perfect choice when you order your flowers online to be professionally delivered in person. Here are the most popular occasions and corresponding floral arrangements:

Christmas / Valentines's Day FlowersConsider a traditional flower arrangement featuring popular holiday blossoms, including amaryllis or poinsettias. An alternative to the standard bouquet is to send a fresh flower garland that can be displayed on a mantle or door frame as part of the holiday décor.

Valentine's Day
Everyone knows that roses are the best choice for a Valentine's bouquet. You may not know that each color of roses has a specific meaning. For instance, while red roses are known for meaning passion, yellow roses are more appropriate for friendship. Send peach roses to someone out of gratitude, and save the coral roses for someone you desire. See our Valentines day flowers page for more tips.

Q: What happens if the recipient of the flowers is not home when they are delivered?
A: Normally the florist will ask the person ordering when they think the recipient will be home and when a good delivery time would be.  This is usually sufficient to ensure that someone will be home to receive the flowers.  Another option is at the request of the person ordering the flowers, the florist can call the recipient ahead of time. However, normally they do not call ahead of time if it is a gift because part of the joy of receiving flowers is the surprise.  If the person receiving the flowers is not home at the time of delivery the flowers are left with a neighbour or brought back to the shop to attempt delivery at another time.  



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