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Mother’s Day Flowers

Flowers for Mother's Day
Mother's Day is a holiday recognized worldwide as a celebration of all things motherly, including motherhood and maternal relationships. Typically, Mother's Day is held in the spring months of March, April, or May depending on what country you live in. Celebrate your love and appreciation for all of the mothers in your life, present or past, on Mother's Day, including your mother, grandmother, or anyone else who holds a mothering place in your heart.

Convenience of Flower Delivery
Sending an arrangement of Mother's Day flowers is considered the most popular act of giving that occurs on Mother's Day. Make the mothers in your life happy on this special holiday with a delivery of flowers from a Montreal flower delivery service. If you live hundreds of miles away from your mother, send a gift of flowers via a delivery service to ensure that your mother feels appreciated and loved on Mother's Day even if she doesn't get to spend it with you. Furthermore, even if you live across town from your mom, use a floral delivery service as a way to surprise her with a gift. She'll be honored that you took the time and effort of ordering through a professional florist rather than waiting until the last minute and grabbing her a bouquet from the flowers that are left on the shelves at the corner market.

When is Mother's Day?

May 13, 2012

May 12, 2013

May 11, 2014

May 10, 2015

May 8, 2016

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Popular and Unique Mother's Day Flower Arrangements

Carnations for Mother's DayCarnations
The most popular flower arrangements given to mothers on Mother's Day are carnations. Honor your mother with a bouquet of fresh carnations. Follow tradition, and send her red or pink carnations in honor of motherhood. Alternatively, you can give someone who has had a mother pass away a bouquet of white carnations in honor of their deceased mother.

Corsages for Mother's DayCorsages
Corsages made from carnations are a unique way to incorporate the popular carnation arrangement into your Mother’s Day floral gift. Following the previously mentioned color chart, send pink or red corsages for mothers who still have their mother, and white corsages for mothers whose own mother has died. Corsages can be worn to religious services or dinners held to honor Mother's Day.

Lilies for Mother's DayLilies
The second most common Mother's Day flower is the elegant and graceful lily. Perfect for Mother's Day flower arrangements, some of the different varieties of lilies for an arrangement are the calla lily, stargazer lily, or Asiatic lily. Popular colors of lilies for Mother's Day arrangements are pink and white; orange is a less popular color, being symbolic of burning love.

Cherry Blossoms for Mother's DayCherry Blossoms
Cherry blossoms are ideal for a more modern and delicate flower arrangement.  They bloom in spring and are perfect for a new or young mother.

Bouquet of Spring Flowers
A full bouquet filled with spring flowers will please the palette of the pickiest of mothers. Choose pale pink flowers including tulips, anthuriums and gerberas. Or, select white and yellow daffodils and narcissi for a seasonally appropriate Mother's Day arrangement.

May Flowers, Seasonal or Import?

Even though tulips are seasonal in May, you should be aware that these flowers typically only stay in bloom for up to a week, and may not be available for Mother's Day. However, tulips are imported year-round from the Netherlands, so you should be able to incorporate these into your Mother's Day arrangements.

Roses for Mother's DayRoses
An always popular flower, the rose is not left in the cold on Mother's Day. The added benefit of sending roses on this special day is that most varieties will be in season in May.

Peonies for Mother's DayPeonies
A flower that only blooms in May is the peony. What a perfect way to use this luscious bloom than to add it to your Mother's Day flower arrangements! Available in a popping pink, the full bloom of peonies is perfect eye-catcher for flower arrangements.

The most popular flower of Mother's Day is also imported. Most of the carnations added to May arrangements are imported from Columbia or Ecuador, where the majority of the world's carnations are harvested.



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